Top 10 items your customers keep on their desk….

How do your customers and potential customers know about you?
The one’s you deal with on a regular basis probably have your details (phone number/email address, etc…) already stored and know the products and services that you offer. What about the one’s that don’t? What about the one’s who purchase from you infrequently? How do you ensure that it is you that they ring? What better way of ensuring that this is the case by giving them a gift they will keep on their desk and use on a daily basis.

The top 10 items people keep on their desk are:-

  1. PensPen Mousemat Mug Pencil Notebook Post it Calculator
  2. Calendars
  3. Mouse mat
  4. Post-it notes
  5. Mug
  6. Pencils
  7. Desk pad
  8. Calculator
  9. Diary
  10. Notebook


Wouldn’t it be great if your company’s details were In Front of your customer at the time they were ready to buy?

We can’t always stand In Front of our customers – but your brand and contact details can!

That’s what we do at In Front Promotions – and here’s how we do it –

We use our years of experience to find you the best promotional items to get you In Front of your customers and KEEP you there. Not only that, but we’ll suggest items to you that you might not even know were available – something quirky, something FUN, something usable, something memorable! So maybe, something other than the Top 10 items list might be in order to really STAND OUT on your customers desk.

For more information, or for something more out of the ordinary, please ring us today!
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